We have channelled all our contract and commercial expertise and knowledge into bespoke training courses which are designed and delivered with one primary objective: to help our clients achieve.

A key feature of the Blake Newport approach to training is we always take the time and effort to understand:

  • The processes used by the target audience
  • The skills and capabilities of the audience
  • The client’s training objectives
  • The client’s training commitment.

Armed with such an understanding, we build bespoke training courses which marry the client needs with the extensive knowledge possessed by us.

  • Off the shelf and bespoke
  • Positioned in the context of the client’s operations
  • Timed to meet the needs of the project and/or the company commitment
  • Delivered by knowledge transfer and workshop-based reinforcement
  • Modularised to facilitate delivery flexibility
  • very training course is:

Extensive course reference materials are supplied and course feedback is measured.