Risk Management

It is widely acknowledged that a structured approach to the recognition and management of risk needs to be an integral part of an effective Business Management process.

At Blake Newport we offer a complete turnkey risk management service for clients who recognise the benefits of risk management but do not have the resource or expertise to put it into practise. Alternatively, we reinforce existing project teams where the risk management requires assistance. Blake Newport’s Risk Management team is committed to providing a professional, consistent but flexible service that provides clients with the confidence that the process utilised will be best suited to their company and/or the project at hand. Our risk-based services encompass:

  • Full Risk Management capability from Conception to Close-out
  • Strategy Development Risk Management
  • Crisis Management/Business Continuity Management
  • Risk Management for insurance improvement
  • Risk Management training
  • Process audit and reporting
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis

Adding Value through Risk Management

Blake Newport’s risk management services are designed to add significant value to the overall management process by establishing a strong process for risk control and providing the basis for informed decision-making. The main benefits of identifying and managing risk can be categorised as follows:

  • Communicating important issues and business risks to senior management
  • Realistic business management, project management and planning
  • Greater certainty in achieving goals and objectives
  • Appreciation of, and readiness to exploit potential opportunities
  • Focuses management on the major risks and threats
  • Promoting an informed decision making process with regard to mitigation measures
  • Avoids costly surprises through effective and transparent contingency planning

Risk Analysis

The QRA process provides calculated information to aid decision-making. The process involves assessing both financials and programme of work, establishing the significant risk and uncertainty of each. The use of proprietary software ultimately delivers a range of likely costs and completion dates. The client’s management team may then decide the level of risk they are prepared to accept on a project. In effect QRA can assist in answering the following questions:

  • What is the level of confidence in the cost estimate or programme?
  • Is the current cost plan or programme achievable?
  • What is the probability of achieving it?
  • What is the possible extent of the overrun?
  • What is a realistic level of contingency provision?

    Risk Management Training

    In addition to the provision of full risk management services Blake Newport has developed a series of training courses to suit various levels of requirement within an organisation from awareness through to workshop facilitation. Each course can be tailored to suit specific client requirements. The available Risk Management courses are: 

    • Introductory Risk Awareness
    • Introduction to Risk Management
    • Project Specific Introduction to Risk Management
    • Risk Facilitation Skills (follows Introduction to Risk Management)

    All courses include full course documentation with practical examples based upon specific industry experience.

    Our practitioners have experience of running all levels of activities within very different industry sectors, from individual projects through to complex multi-project programmes.