Project Planning

At Blake Newport we appreciate that first-class planning and the keeping of records have always been the basis behind successful construction and IT project plans. We have the extensive knowledge and professional expertise to assist you with planning and programming.

 We appreciate that time management in the construction and IT sectors is quite an art. There are always hundreds of different variables which have to be kept in balance, if a project is to progress through to a successful completion. We have a dedicated planning team who are recognised for identifying and managing programme risk enabling the customer to be given the adequate level of control in a timely manner.

Our extensive knowledge of the construction and IT sectors enables us to anticipate and closely monitor projects to avoid problems and disruptions and assist in remedies before it makes progress too slow on the critical timeline.

The primary challenges of project management, are to achieve all of the project objectives and goals whilst working to the classic project constraints of: Scope, Quality, Time and Budget. We concentrate and enhance the importance and criticality of open and meaningful communication between all parties involved in a project to achieve a satisfactory conclusion to the project.

Services include:

  •  Production, Implementation and Operation of Project Planning and Control Systems
  • Critical Path Network Planning
  • Work Breakdown Modelling
  • Project Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Schedule Risk Strategy Management
  • Analysis of the Impact of Variations on the Programme
  • Regular Programme Monitoring and Reporting
  • Claims Prevention
  • Change Control Systems
  • Scope Management
  • Design Development and Procurement Programme


  •  Programme and Scheduling
  • Project Risk Monitoring
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Project Communications
  • Progress Measurement
  • Problem Solving
  • Adjudication, Arbitration, Litigation
  • Schedule Management Manuals
  • Project Organisation
  • Project Visualisation
  • Project Audit

– Forensic Planning