Post Contract

After a contract has been signed this is the time where high quality contract management makes a real difference to the bottom line. Money can be made or lost from day one. From post contract signature, we are active in managing all issues of scope, time and money.

Blake Newport understands the need for accurate and timely information to ensure effective decision making. We have developed methodologies over three decades of successful trading to provide our clients with the ongoing processes and systems to support delivery of the most appropriate and effective project and cost solutions.

Depending on our client’s requirements and capabilities we can supply tried and tested tools to monitor obligation fulfilment and deliverables on both parties. Most contracts require the supplier to advise the customer of when not only the supplier, but also the customer is in default in order to gain relief/entitlement and it is essential that the parties’ obligations are properly identified, owned, tracked and managed.

There are times when contractual notices need to be served and we will ensure this happens on time every time, to protect or defend your entitlement. We are keen advocates of dispute avoidance and in creating lasting relationships. Communication is key, and our non-adversarial approach usually results in fewer disputes. Our management systems ensure ‘early warning’ of events that, if not attended to and managed properly, may affect the project objectives and damage relationships, leading to claims and disputes. In the event that a dispute does occur, we provide experienced, agile and cost-effective solutions appropriate to the particular circumstances to secure a quick resolution.

Contract Signature

From contract signature through change control, performance and service levels issues, through to project completion and the settlement of the final account, we support our clients through informed evaluation of competing costs to determine best value criteria and ensure that when essential decisions are made they are informed ones, fully cognisant of risk and reward to allow our clients to make the right decision.

We are a vital interface between the end-client and the main contractor and its trading partners and our experience and expertise in all market sectors at all stages throughout the project lifecycle aids successful delivery of client objectives and that we deliver our client’s commercial objectives.

In addition we also provide a service to our clients where we assess and audit their existing live contracts, to identify revenue enhancement opportunities that have not been utilised within these agreements. These range from simple matters such as non application of indexation provision to more complicated matters such as scope creep and delay and the impact on the Profit & Loss account.

We know from experience that one size does not fit all. Two projects may have similar characteristics but are never identical. Our advice is always considered.

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