Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the operations of suppliers and sub-contractors with the purpose of satisfying customer requirements as efficiently as possible. We know that Supply Chain Management is not solely a procurement function and that it is essential to manage your suppliers throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Blake Newport has 30 years expertise in procuring suppliers and sub-contractors for our clients. We utilise best practice methodologies from across the industries we work in and are able to shape investments prior to commitment. We strive to get our clients the best deal possible that is the most appropriate offering for their requirements.

We support and educate our clients on the need for standardisation and in the use of terms and conditions that are appropriate for each item they procure. When it comes to supply chain, one size does not fit all.

In working with our clients we will assist them in producing a framework to shorten lead times to reduce procurement costs and to allow projects to commence earlier. Time and cost are key factors to any business and Blake Newport’s experience in effective Supply Chain Management ensures that our clients buy the right services with the optimum commercial vehicle at the best possible price.

We understand the need to ‘flow down’ obligations from the prime contract to the sub-contract and ensure that you have the cover of back-to-back arrangements. We are experts in assessing the optimum ways to pass on obligations and risk where appropriate and know how to incentivise suppliers to deliver the services that are key to our clients’ business.

Our goals for Supply Chain Management are:

  • Lower capital costs
  • Shorter lead times
  • Standardisation of processes
  • Significant reduction in operating costs
  • Shorter project/construction time
  • Greater predictability and cost certainty
  • Increased confidence of delivery.

We are also experts in reviewing live sub-contracts and supply arrangements to ensure our clients are not being asked to pay more, or accept longer delivery times than the contract allows. Scope creep can be a big issue, especially on a complicated project where you will have numerous suppliers and sub-contractors working for you at the same time. Blake Newport’s experience in Supply Chain Management assists our clients in navigating this potential minefield.