Private Finance Initiative

Blake Newport provides a broad cross section of commercial, contract management and consultancy services to clients involved with PFI contracts. Experience tells us that there are a number of key areas where a lack of focus, capacity or capability leads to risks and situations that require action by stakeholders; in some cases urgent action if costly, undesirable consequences are to be avoided. There are also occasions when a third-party objective view on a matter can be beneficial or where existing teams require support to facilitate a better outcome. 

Blake Newport provides a range of service to assist organisations address these and other needs in the PFI sector. Blake Newport has, collectively and individually, extensive commercial and contract management skills and experience built up over many years of engagements in a variety of roles operating in a variety of organisations and industries.

Information on our key PFI services is provided below.

Handback, Transfer and Exit

There is currently a trickle of PFI contracts coming to the end of their concession period; however, over the next few years that trickle will rapidly become a torrent. Planning and preparation are key and that process needs to start for all stakeholders 5 to 10 years prior to the end of the contract, depending on size and complexity.

Blake Newport offers a diverse range of commercial and contract management services that support stakeholders and provide the skills, expertise and relevant experience to proactively manage and get ahead of the challenges associated with handback, service transfer and exit.

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End of Latent Defects Period

The latent defects period for a new PFI estate typically comes to an end 12 years after completion of construction works (or sections thereof). There is significant planning and management required ahead of that cut-off to avoid unnecessary risk and cost.

Blake Newport’s experience in PFI and the broader construction sector means that we are well placed to advise and assist in the planning, management and successful delivery of this process.

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Dispute Management

PFI contracts are complex and provide ample scope for disputes. If disputes arise – whether related to performance, contract interpretation, defects or handback, they need to be resolved quickly and preferably without resorting to formal dispute resolution procedures or the courts. The objectivity provided by an external party can be invaluable in understanding the issues and achieving a resolution.

Dispute management, avoidance and resolution are at the heart of Blake Newport’s services in the PFI, construction and other outsourced services sectors.

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Commercial Contract Management

Blake Newport provides commercial and contract management consultancy services as a part of its core offering to support customers across the services, construction and engineering sectors, including PFI.

This experience and skills can be deployed to assess and/or manage any commercial or contract management challenge faced by a party to a PFI contract.

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