Insolvency Support

The specialist engineering and construction professionals at Blake Newport deal daily with the recovery of amounts due under a multitude of contracts, making them ideally suited to complement the skills of the Insolvency Practitioner, working in combination to assess the potential recovery of funds at all phases of the insolvency cycle.

Commercial relationships in the construction and engineering industries are governed by probably the most complex contractual interactions in commerce. We have the expertise to analyse contracts and present jargon free advice on the potential of fund realisation, including the means, potential costs and risks of recovery.


Fund Recovery

The realisation of funds from the contract workbook is paramount amongst the services that we can provide the Insolvency Practitioner.

This service is provided primarily through the analysis of company financial records to establish book debts and the independent review of those debts to identify and prioritise recovery targets, based on analysis of the contract.

This work cannot be carried out without specialist knowledge of construction and engineering contracts and awareness of the records required by the contract to establish debts that, even if legitimate under the contract, would be difficult and costly to pursue without the evidence in support. Many of our staff have worked in contracting organisations.

Once the debt is established and the worst and best case recovery risk is determined, we can help pursue that debt through commercial negotiation, adjudication, the courts or arbitration.


Other Advice

We can assist and advise the Insolvency Practitioner on saleable contracts, novation and other transfer arrangements, bonds, insurance claims, company recovery and the defence of counterclaims by debtors.

Blake Newport was founded on the provision of independent expert assistance in managing claims of all sizes in a risk assessed and cost effective manner.

We provide full quantum and programme planning and delay analysis services in the management of disputes commercially and in adjudication, mediation, arbitration, litigation and other formal and informal dispute arenas.

We act for and advise Suppliers, Employers, Contractors, Sub-contractors and Lawyers in the Construction, Engineering, IT and Telecommunications sectors.

Our staff is primarily dual qualified with an industry based qualification backed up by a post graduate degree, usually legal, enabling a comprehensive approach to the analysis and solution of problems.

Our varied experience, expertise and flexibility enable us to transfer our skills to analysing and resolving a range of problems in diverse projects.