Construction & Engineering

The construction and engineering industry continues to form the bedrock of the commercial and contract management services Blake Newport provides today, as it has done for almost four decades. Blake Newport has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained on projects ranging from retail to residential, commercial property to industrial units and land reclamation to power stations.

Our team typically acts on behalf of developers, clients, local authorities, main contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers to provide a full range of services from project inception to close out. These include feasibility studies, cost estimating, tender production and supplier evaluation, interim valuations and final account preparation and agreement.

Blake Newport also has substantial experience of claim preparation and defence under adjudication, arbitration and litigation procedures and can react rapidly to assist within the timescales imposed by either the contract or legislation, such as with adjudication where Blake Newport acts as representative for either the referring or responding party.

We support domestic and international clients in the UK, Western Europe and further afield in Japan, Malaysia, India, Oman and Russia, in the following sectors:


Blake Newport has been engaged by universities, Further Education Colleges and Schools to provide commercial management and planning expertise to assist with the requirement and constraints often involved with such projects, ensuring that work is executed as efficiently as possible to minimise any disruption to the running of the existing school and functions of teaching staff and students. This has included working outside term time and during short breaks in the academic calendar.

Blake Newport’s services have extended to the support of School Boards and Governors, Principals, Estates and Bursary staff in relation to their construction and refurbishment projects through use of commercial management and planning of projects from inception through to final account statements following completion This has been achieved successfully on listed buildings, refurbishments and new build schemes including classrooms, swimming pools, science laboratories, art and music rooms, halls and gymnasiums.

Oil and Gas

Blake Newport has a long association with oil and gas-related business sectors where our experience covers all aspects of the project life-cycle from the pre-contract phase through to final account and claims.

Blake Newport’s involvement in this sector has taken us to some of the major oil and gas centres of the UK and abroad i.e. Scotland, North East England, the Middle East, France, Turkey and Oman. Projects undertaken include accommodation modules, production platforms, drilling rigs, undersea installations and receiving and processing terminals at LNG plants. Blake Newport’s client base is drawn from the spectrum of contractors and specialist suppliers who carry out this type of work.

Specifically Blake Newport has been involved in providing commercial resource for work on a LNG receiving and Processing terminal in Oman, in supporting a Cryogenic Insulation Supplier on a LNG terminal in Ras Laffan, in supporting a contractor on a LNG terminal in Turkey, the conversion of a tanker to an offshore production floating module and storage facility and the supply and installation of new accommodation modules, conversion and refurbishment of existing oil production facilities, the HVAC installation to a new accommodation module and the conversion of platforms following the introduction of new health and safety regulations.


Blake Newport has gained a wealth of experience and understanding over many years working with clients on power station projects. Work was initially undertaken for clients constructing, managing or amending large coal-burning power stations, which use multiple turbines and generators to supply thousands of megawatts of power to the national grid

Our experience widened with the move to gas-fired power stations, where Blake Newport has provided commercial and contractual services on the new generation, highly efficient, aero-derivative gas turbine power stations. Over the years, such power stations have varied in configuration from simple to combined cycle with single or multiple turbines to generate the required wattage, typically used in industrial settings as backup supplies or on industrial estates as the prime supplier.

Blake Newport has more recently provided services on many of the waste to energy power stations that have been constructed throughout the UK which essentially burn waste to generate steam to drive turbines and generate electricity.

The range of sizes, configurations and fuel types means that the value of the power projects Blake Newport has been involved with varies greatly ranging from £30million to over £1 billion. However, notwithstanding the value or scale of the project the commercial principles and techniques that ought to be adopted in each situation rarely differ. Accordingly the experience and knowledge of Blake Newport is largely transferable from project to project without significant hindrance to clients.

Transportation & Logistics

Blake Newport is experienced in most industries within the transportation sector.

In the rail sector, Blake Newport has provided services on infrastructure maintenance, track renewal, minor works, signalling or property-related contracts and has experienced commercial and contract consultants whom are familiar with these areas. We have extensive pre and post-contract experience gained over a number of years of working for the main rail companies and their suppliers.

In logistics Blake Newport is as accustomed to the strict contractual framework within which clients in this sector operate, where ‘being on time, is at the forefront of requirements due either to incentivised bonus schemes or alternatively onerous service level agreements which can penalise and negatively impact revenue in the event of a failure to perform.

Blake Newport ensures that there is a sound understanding of the service levels in the agreement and model your previous or expected performance to aid your decision-making. We review your processes to ensure that you not only perform your obligations in accordance with the contract but check to see that you actually measure and report against the service levels.

After the contract is signed Blake Newport can provide interim management and support to ensure you protect your revenues and minimise your expenses. We ensure that changes to the contract are formally recorded and executed.

Renewable Energy

Our experience extends across all sectors, specifically in the power and renewable energy sectors. In terms of offshore wind power, this includes provision of strategic commercial and contact support on a 140 wind turbine (500 MW) project in the North Sea for a global engineering company.

Petrochemical & Process Engineering

Blake Newport has extensive experience of working on a variety of different projects and process products, both in the UK and overseas. Experience includes equipment and vessel installation, insulating pipe lines carrying liquid natural gas in situations of extreme external temperatures, for example in the Middle East as well as experience on intricate scaffolding operations around vessels and pipelines, production units and large-scale refinery shutdowns.

Blake Newport has been engaged by clients on a wide variety of process plants over the last four decades during which time it has gained a full understanding of the fast-track nature of most of these projects and in particular the difficulties associated with the commercial management of productivity, labour resource and the interfaces of a variety of disciplines.


Blake Newport can supply clients with experienced interim management personnel to assist you in managing your contracts with end-user organisations, suppliers or sub-contractors.

Whether cost control, estimating, interim valuations and payment or final accounts Blake Newport has experienced resources that can fit in with your organisation and provide high quality commercial support.

We have experience in negotiating a large number of contracts, ensuring service levels cover the key service areas and providing contract analysis and interpretation of numerous agreements.