Commercial Contract Management

Blake Newport provides commercial and contract management consultancy services as a part of its core service offering to support customers across the services, construction and engineering sectors, including PFI. As a result we have capabilities and experience to provide services in response to a wide range of challenges and circumstances including in PFI and other outsourced services environments.

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Consultancy Services

Experience has shown us that organisations from time-to-time encounter commercial and contract management challenges which they lack the capacity or the capability and experience to address in house. Blake Newport is well equipped to provide flexible support and guidance for a wide range of issues through our extensive experience of commercial and contract management challenges and a team with diverse competencies and expertise to support our customers.

Interim Management

Blake Newport provides skilled and experienced consultants on an interim basis to assist our clients to fill a gap where a specific need is identified, whilst a permanent resource is recruited or when specialist commercial and contract management skills and expertise are required on a short/medium term basis.


Blake Newport offers a range of bespoke training from general commercial contract awareness and management training through to specific PFI focused training on particular contract issues, processes and lessons learnt. Our training is developed to suit the individual requirements of the topic and audience. We are able to draw on our experience both in the PFI arena as well as our broader experience in other service sectors and the construction industry to provide a depth of relevant knowledge and experience.

The preparation and delivery of training by an external body, or a combined approach, can often be more effective than purely internally prepared and delivered training as it draws on a broader base of experience and expertise as well as providing a level of objectivity which is difficult for those close to the service.

We deliver training to a range of audiences (executives, senior management teams, delivery teams, pre-contract commercial and business development teams.

Should you wish to know more about how Blake Newport can help your organisation please contact Justin Prince at or on +44 (0)7711 008 969 or Simon McGrail at or on +44 (0)7921 871 267.


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